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Why do you need a Timing Belt Tensioner Guide?

When working on an engine, the proper tensioning can mean the difference between firing up the engine or it going bust. If the tensioning is too loose, it will cause the belt to ratchet, and if it's too tight, it can cause damage to the shafts and bearings. The wrong tensioning can also reduce the life of the timing belt. The right tension is the lowest possible tension at which the belts will transfer the needed mechanical force without ratcheting when under full load. Also, all cars and types of belts have different tensioning guides which makes using a Timing Belt Tensioner Guide so important.

Buy genuine timing belts and pulleys

One of the keys to timing the belt is to use genuine parts. When genuine parts are used the right force can be exerted to tension the belt with the expected results. That said since every car uses a slightly different size and type of belt along with series of pulleys it’s important to match the part numbers when buying. We currently sell Timing Belt Tensioner Guide and parts for just about every vehicle sold. All you need to do is search for the part via part number.

Warranty backed genuine parts

We only sell genuine parts that come backed by a warranty. All parts sold are either manufacturer recommended or OEM so that you can be assured of their quality. Plus you’ll find all Timing Belt Tensioner Guide parts at discounted prices when buying from