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What are ABS Joints?

ABS Joints or ball joints as they are often referred to are part of the car’s steering and axle system. Almost all modern vehicles rely on this system to ensure stability and maneuverability. However, even though the suspension system is perhaps one of the most rugged parts of a car, it is also subjected to the most pressure. The suspension takes the most beating on both smooth and regular roads which means that it starts to wear out after a period of time. When that happens, it will have to be rebuilt using quality parts and by an expert mechanic.

When should the joints be changed?

Knowing when the joints need to be repaired or replaced depends on the condition of your vehicle. Some people tend not to feel that their suspension has started to wear because its gradual. However, a couple of tell tale signs of a bad suspension and one that needs to have the ABS Joints replaced are as follows: rattling of the steering wheel, bubbling of the front tires, slight wobbling felt in the cabin, squeaking when turning. Sometimes the suspension may be so bad that the turning radius is severely affected making it impossible to turn the steering wheel beyond a certain point. At which point it’s a good idea to visit a mechanic.

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