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Why buy quality wheel nuts and bolts?

Most people may not think twice about the wheel nuts and bolts they purchase for the vehicle. The reason being that most nuts and bolts look the same, and unless you’re a technical person who understands the tensile strength of various metals and thickness it’s hard to conceive buying an expensive set for your car. That said experts recommend that people invest in the best quality wheel nuts and bolts that they can afford. The reasoning offered is the fact that these nuts and bolts are responsible for keeping the wheels attached to your vehicle. Since the wheel undergoes extreme amounts of stress, the nuts and bolts need to hold it in place.

When to replace nuts and bolts?

Ideally, you will want to replace the wheel nuts and bolts every three years or whenever you’re replacing your tyres. Replacing the nuts and bolts frequently ensures that you’re always using fresh metal bolts which have not undergone lots of wear and tear, so they are reliable. That said it’s always a good idea to get your wheels checked by a mechanic just in case he recommends replacing other parts like the wheel hub as well.

Buying quality

At we always urge our customers to invest in quality parts. It is for this reason that the wheel nuts and bolts we sell are by well-known brands such as Febi Bil Stein. These are brands that we have personal experience with and hence come highly recommended. However, if you need help buying the right parts do not hesitate to get in touch with us.