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What is a car alarm system?

A car alarm system as the name suggest is a system that sets off an audible or silent alarm (depends on the system) when and if the vehicle is tampers with while left unattended. Many of the latest systems will set off a deafening alarm which scares off intruders. However, the alarm may also be set off if a nearby object moves past it or if an animal decides to jump on the vehicle. It is for this reason that many of the latest vehicles come equipped with a silent alarm and a remote which allows for the car owner to turn it off if it’s a false alarm.

Buying an alarm system

There are various types of alarm systems from which to choose from. Some systems also have built-in central locking features. Some of the latest ones can also be controlled via a smart phone’s app. So, the system you decide on will mainly depend on the level of protection you want, it also depends on the area you reside in. We currently sell the highest quality car alarm systems by leading brands such as HELLA. So, you can always be sure of buying a great product.

The best prices

At, whether you decide to purchase a car alarm system or find replacement parts for it we have everything under one roof. However, our customer service is always on standby if you need assistance with buying the right part or system.