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Buy Alternator Freewheel Clutch

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What is an alternator freewheel?

The alternator is, in fact, a lot like a generator in the way that it generates electricity by converting mechanical energy. The vast majority of alternators in old and new vehicles use what can best be described as a motor or coil which rotates in a magnetic field. Alternators vary in size and type. However, one of the ways that the alternator system has evolved over the years is how it's driven. In modern cars, a freewheel is used to exert mechanical force on the alternator while at the same time reducing wastage of mechanical energy. This system offers the most efficient conversion of mechanical to electrical energy.

What happens when the freewheel fails?

One of the things you’ll notice is that your car batteries are always down. You may at times also experience the inability for the vehicle to start. If there is a problem with the bearings, you will hear a slow grinding or whining should. All of the signs indicate that the freewheel has to be replaced. That said the freewheel has to be replaced with one which is exactly the same for reliability and long life.

Buying the right freewheel

It goes without saying that the number of freewheels for various models and makes of vehicles vary in the dozens. However, we sell the alternator freewheel for almost all cars driven in the IE. All you need is to browse through our inventory and find the right one for your vehicle. You can also purchase one by searching via part number. If you need helping finding a high-quality alternator freewheel clutch, do not hesitate to give us a call.