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What does the assembly kit include?  

The assembly kit is a collection of various parts which can be used to replace all the damaged parts of a vehicle. Every kit is slightly different depending on the car that you own. However, we make an active effort to ensure that every part is accounted for and there is no need to buy anything other than the kit to repair the damage. That said some larger parts like if the dynamo, engine, bonnet, etc., will need to be purchased separately if damaged as they are not part of the standard kit for vehicles.

A kit for any car

Most cars at the fundamental mechanical level are the same. The same nuts, bolts, and screws are used across most cars. The assembly kit includes all the generic items as well as ones that are vehicle specific. However, the best way to find out if a kit is right for your vehicle is to contact us or to contact a certified mechanic. A mechanic should be able to recommend a kit from our list based on the extent of damage and type of vehicle. 

Buy a quality kit for your car

We currently sell fully stocked assembly kits for vehicles all types. In addition to giving you everything needed we also offer competitive prices. So, you can buy a kit today from, save money in the process and have it shipped directly to your doorstep in a short while.