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What is an axle mount?

An axle mount or mount as it is often referred to is made of hard rubber or plastic. It is fitted onto the axle, and its job is to make sure that the axle can freely move while dampening the vibrations generated by the axle and related parts. There are various types of axle mounts, and while each has its own micro function, they all work to minimize vibrations and to dampen any shocks that the system incurs. However, owing to the amount of pressure that the mounts are subjected to they will require replacement. Some need to be replaced sooner than others. When the mounts need replacing will also depend on the driving conditions.

How to know an axle mount is bad?

When the axle mount starts to fail, you’ll begin hearing rumbling and grinding sounds when you turn the steering wheel. The sounds can also come from the rack and pillion but in most cases its bad mounts that cause the sound. You will also feel that the car is jerking forward when you put it into gear. If you experience any of the above symptoms, it’s always a good idea to visit a certified mechanic and have them examine your vehicle. In most cases the axle mounts if replaced in time will not have damaged other parts of the suspension.

Buying the right mounts?

Buying an axle mount is very easy. You just need to match the mounts you currently have with ones listed on our website. You can also search for the mount via part number. If you are not sure about a mount, feel free to get in touch with our experts who will help you make the right choice.