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BREMBO brakes – a renowned manufacturer

BREMBO is a famous name in the world of automotive manufacturing. To be more specific, it is a world leader in engineering and producing state-of-the-art braking systems and other car components. Still, when did everything start, and how did BREMBO reach this point? Essentially, BREMBO was established in 1961, in the proximity of Bergamo, Italy, by Emilio Bombassei. At that time, it was only a small mechanical workshop. Still, as it began collaborating with some prestigious clients, such as Alfa Romeo, the company started growing. A couple of years afterwards, namely in 1964, the firm first started manufacturing brake disks, specifically for the spare parts market. That was merely the starting point; soon, it broadened its specialisation by engineering other crucial braking system components. In time, the firm’s competence and interest to offer high quality contributed to its popularity. Hence, in a few years’ time, BREMBO was recognised as a leader in the competitive European automotive market. This is why, even today, BREMBO brakes are associated with reliability and performance.

BREMBO brakes – engineered for demanding drivers

If you think of yourself as a demanding driver, then the odds are that BREMBO brakes will address your individual specifications. When it comes to unmatched braking performance, the size carries a huge importance. It’s as simple as this: if the size of the disk diameter is larger, the braking torque will be larger, as well. However, it’s worth noting that size matters more in the case of sports cars. Still, the BREMBO braking systems are developed with innovative techniques and materials. Another distinguishing feature is the lightness of the brakes. Also, weight reduction is linked to lower fuel consumption and diminished emissions. This is why so many drivers want to invest in a BREMBO brakes kit.

BREMBO brakes – say “goodbye” to mediocrity

BREMBO is one of the few manufacturers that operate with system logic, in the sense that it engineers all the components involved in the braking action internally – namely the discs, pads, calipers, hub carriers. At the same time, the manufacturer assembles BREMBO brakes accordingly to offer clients complete braking modules that meet their expectations. This is, in fact, one of the guiding principles of the firm’s activity. Enter if you want to look for BREMBO brakes for sale. Our BREMBO brakes catalogue is far-reaching, meaning that you’ll certainly find something to your liking.