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What is baffle?

The baffle in a car is the piece that goes on the end of the exhaust. It is also called a tailpipe cover and is used to improve the look of the otherwise exposed exhaust pipe and make it aesthetically appealing. Baffles come in various shapes and sizes but can be installed on most exhaust systems. The design of mufflers can be rounded in shape, square or oval so choosing your desired baffle is a personal choice. Some baffles have a downward angle, and some retain the straight line of the exhaust pipe.

Why add it?

As mentioned above, it is an optional add-on, and so it’s a personal choice. Most people add a stainless steel baffle or one made from steel. If anything it helps to enhance the look and feel of your vehicle’s rear. That said if you live in an unusually wet part of the IE, a baffle can help prevent water from getting into your car’s tailpipe and in turn prevent rust.

Buying a baffle

We currently sell a selection of highly aesthetic baffles that can be installed on just about any vehicle. All of the baffles on our website are by well-known brands such as Ernst, and Walker amongst various others. So, you can be assured of investing in a quality part that adds to the value of your vehicle. If you’re searching for a particular type or design baffle which you don’t see on our website, then feel free to get in touch with us. We should be able to locate the baffle you’re looking for.