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What is the use of belt drive in a car?  

The belt drive or serpentine belt is a very important and integral car accessory. This is the one that will power the external indusial systems to the engine of the vehicle. The belts are responsible for driving the alternator, air conditioner, compressor and other car systems. There is more than one belt used in the car. As it performs a critical function, it is important to inspect and maintain the belt.

What are the advantages of using a belt drive?

They will dampen out the noise and the vibrations of the engine, They will help in increasing the life of the machinery, They do not need any lubrication to work and does not carry high maintenance costs, They are highly efficient and last longer, They come with overload and jam protection.

Why is it important to replace worn out belt drive?

If you find the belt drive to make squeaky noises, then it is time to check the belt and replace it if needed. If you notice ribs on the belt or see some chunks missing from the belt, then it is important to replace the belt soon. By replacing the belt at the right time, you can enjoy an enjoyable and worry-free driving. The belt is an important part of the engine accessories. If a belt breaks, then the car will not move. This is why you need to replace the belt as soon as you spot wear and tear. Buy genuine and high-quality belt spares from reliable online stores like