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Buy Tailgate / Cargo Bay Hatch & Boot Lid / Cargo Bay Cover

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When to replace Boot Cargo Area Flap Lid?

The Boot Cargo Area Flap Lid is part of the boot assembly or trunk of the vehicle. In most cases, it does not need to be replaced since it is not electronic and has no movable parts. However, you may want to get the lid replaced after a collision or if it's rusty. Some people who have cars with electronic flap lids may also want to get their car’s lid replaced if it does not work i.e. open and close properly. That said in the vast majority of cases a mechanic can fix the lid and even the locking mechanism changed. So, it’s worth visiting a mechanic prior to buying a new one.

Which cars can get their boot lid replaced?

Almost all cars can have their lid replaced, and it’s a job that any mechanic can handle. However, since the shape of the lid and the size of the trunk varies depending on the make and model its best to buy one for your vehicle. Ideally, buy a lid that matches the part number of the existing one. If you’re unable to find the right lid one can also be custom made, but that is expensive. 

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