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What are brake calipers?


Every vehicle uses calipers as part of its braking system, and these are arguably the most important parts of this entire system. The caliper exerts pressure on the brake pads, which in turn makes contact with the brake discs in order bring the vehicle to a stop. So, when the brake pedal is pressed the force is transferred to the calipers, through the master cylinders, down the brake lines, to the brakes, allowing for the vehicle to either slow down or stop based on the pressure exerted. Both the rear brake and the front disc brakes use brake calipers to assist with the stopping of the vehicle when driving.


How to know there is a problem?


When there is a problem with one of the calipers, you will hear a squeaking and grinding noise each time you press the brake pedal. You may also experience a loss of braking power because of one or more of the calipers are not engaging with the wheel’s disc. Fortunately, getting the brake calipers replaced is not a difficult job. Most certified mechanics should be able to change the calipers in around an hour. That said the important part of the replacement is to make sure that you’re replacing it with original and high-quality calipers that are meant for your vehicle.


Buying the right one


We sell brake calipers from some of the best and most popular OEM manufacturers such as DELCO REMY. So, you can always be sure of buying high-quality parts. The easiest way to find the right brake calipers for your vehicle is to search our website via part number. If you’re unable to find the right calipers or need help feel free to get in touch with us for assistance.