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Regulator, Brake Power Regulator
Regulator, Brake Power Regulator
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What is a brake power regulator?

A brake power regulator also called a brake pressure regulator is a component of most modern braking systems, and its job is to regulate the power transferred to the brakes. Many modern cars have Electronic Control Units that monitor everything from the engine’s temperature to individual sensors. The brake power regulator is directly monitored and controlled by the ECU in some vehicles. So, in a modern vehicle when you put your foot on the brakes the car slows down or stops based on the pressure you’ve applied. The regulator also prevents the vehicle from skidding if too much force is applied on an otherwise slippery surface or all of a sudden at high speed.

How to know there is a problem?

In most vehicles the brake power regulator is pretty robust to begin with, so they don’t fail very easily. Many times it’s something that’s associated with the regulator which fails. However, one of the signs that the regulator has failed is that you need to apply too much pressure to stop or slow down the car. Also, the brakes will become erratic and cease to be responsive as they once were at times. All of these are a sign that at least your brakes need to be inspected by a certified mechanic.

We sell brakes for all makes and models

Buying a brake power regulator is very simple. You just need to match the part number on your existing regulator to ones listed on our website. Alternatively, you can also call or email us for assistance if you are unable to find the regulator on our website.