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Why cars need quality brake systems?

You cannot imagine driving a vehicle without a safe brake system. This part of the vehicle is extremely important in the motion retardation of the vehicle when needed. The pressure applied on the brake pedal is converted to friction needed to slow down the vehicle. The quality of the parts used decides on the safety of the vehicle and people travelling in it. During the brake operations, the friction generates high heat. Hence, it is necessary to use systems which have a better capacity to dissipate the heat. A vehicle for street use and vehicle for racing have different types of components in their braking system.

How does car break system work?

Depending on the size and the use of the car, the complexity of the brake system changes. Brake pedals are connected to a master cylinder through a push-rod. The cylinder stores the brake fluid which is needed for smooth brake application. The piston inside the cylinder help in applying the brake fluid on the parts through brake pipes. In the four-wheel corners, there are disc brakes with brake pads. When you apply the pressure on brake pedals, it reaches the master cylinder and then on the brake pads attached to the brake disc, hence stopping the car. You can buy these systems at affordable prices on online sites like

Important parts of the brake system

Some of the important parts of the brake system of your vehicle include brake fluid reservoir, booster, brake calipers, brake hoses, master cylinder, disc brakes, pipes, drums etc.