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How to buy a good Bulb-headlight?

The key to buying the right Bulb-headlight is to match wattages. You never want purchase a replacement that’s too bright because the excessive heat can cause the housing to melt and you don’t want one that’s dim because that will naturally reduce visibility. Always look on the side of the bulb and note down its wattage. The other thing you need to consider is the shape and size. So, if your headlight’s housing is meant for a cylindrical bulb don’t replace it with a round one. You’ll also want to ensure that the bulb you buy is by a well known brand and is backed by a warranty. That way you’ll be sure of it lasting a long time.

When to replace the bulb?

Most people will wait till their Bulb-headlight is completely dead and then replace it. But that’s the wrong approach. It goes without saying that a headlight bulb does not suddenly die, it becomes incrementally dim until it finally burns out. The same goes for the latest LED bulbs which have reduced brightness until they die. So, in between, you’re driving with low visibility. Plus, you shouldn’t just replace one bulb but both. That way the brightness is equal and does not cause optical distortion. Most experts recommend replacing the bulb every two years or when the warranty is over.

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