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What is a central locking system?

A central locking system is an electronic or remote locking system which allows you to lock your vehicle as soon as you step out. The electronic system also has a built-in alarm which will be triggered if something collides with the vehicle or someone tries to tamper with it. Many of the latest systems come with cameras and can interface with your phone and WiFi connection allowing car owners to check on their vehicle in real time. However, in the vast majority of cases cars come with their own built-in central locking system but after a while, it can fail and has to be replaced. Some people may also want a more high-tech system to protect their shiny new car.

Which central locking system to buy?

Generally speaking, you’ll want purchase a system which you can easily afford. However, you should only purchase a system that’s manufactured and sold by a well know brand that way you can be sure that it comes backed by a warranty and is very reliable. We currently sell central locking systems by brands such as Hella, Febi Bil Stein and Metzger amongst many others. Every system has been tested and proven to be both secure and reliable on just about every vehicle.

Replacing system parts

If you’re not sure which central locking system will work best for your vehicle, we can help you choose the right one. Feel free to call or email us for assistance and our experts will be more than glad to assist you in every way possible.