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What is a car security system?

There are various types of car security systems which range from ones called ‘central locks,' to automated alarms and even surveillance cameras. However, central locking systems seem have been around for the longest period of time, and so they are the most common. Central locks are also easier to replace and install. That said newer systems which intrusion alert sensors are now becoming more popular than ever before especially with owners of more expensive vehicles.

Which system to buy?

The system you end up buying will mainly depend on the level of protection or safety you want. Since most vehicles in the IE come preinstalled with a central locking system you may want to upgrade with a better system. We currently sell an array of security systems from which to choose from by some of the most popular manufacturers in the industry like VDO, VEMO, and HELLA among many others. All you need is to select the system you want to either install or replace and be assured that you’re buying a quality product.

Buying the right parts

If you already have a security system installed in your car but which is not working you can find a replacement part from us. We currently sell replacements for almost all types of security systems, all you need to do is to search our list above via part number to find one that’s best suited for the one you currently have. That said you can always call or email us for more information about the security systems on our website.