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What are Vehicle coil spring spares?

Most modern vehicles have coil springs which make up an integral part of the suspension system. These springs form part of the shock absorbers and reduce the transference of bumps and vibration from uneven road surfaces from making it to the cabin. Having the correct suspension in a vehicle is imperative for proper road grip and the safety of occupants. The handling of a car can also be hindered if the coil springs within the suspension are worn out. Having the correct suspension also ensures that the car’s occupants remain comfortable and reasonably well isolated from vibrations being picked up from the road. A good suspension is, in fact, the sweet spot between good road grip and the forces acting on the vehicle through the road. It is for this reason that high-quality coil spring spares should be sought when replacing the current ones.

What can go wrong?

Like everything else the coil springs of a vehicle have a certain service life. Some springs can last longer than others depending on the road conditions but eventually they may start losing their elasticity, become rusty, cracked or will break. If you experience your car dropping to one side or the rear or front moving up and down even on a straight road there is a good chance that your coil springs are not in good condition. However, before you buy coil spring spares always get your car examined by an expert mechanic.

How to buy one?

At we sell only the best-branded coil springs in the industry. Our inventory of coil spring spares consists of brands such as Blue Print amongst many others. However, if you need help with choosing the right coil springs for your vehicle then call or email us right away.