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The importance of compressed air system in vehicles

The compressed air system is not just an ordinary air compressor. This system works differently. The normal process is to mix fuel with air and burn the fuel in the engine to drive the pistons. But, in this system, the compressed air is expanded to power the pistons. This is the main component seen in hybrid cars. The emission of the gases when you use this system will drastically come down.

The advantages of using compressed air system in vehicles 

The air power will power the engine of the car and therefore it reduces pollution.The compressed air used to power the electric grid in hybrid engines saves a lot on fuel costs as well as reducing pollution.The cost of producing vehicles with compressed air technology is about 20% less than producing the normal fuel driven cars.The size of the engine can be greatly reduced.

Different compressed air system spares for your vehicle

Air dryer - This removes the condensation present in the compressed air so that the air does not damage the system. Air tank - This is where the compressed air is stored. Air dehumidifier - This will reduce humidity in the air. Overflow valve - This is a device that performs pressure bypasses to ensure safety of the system. Return valve - This is a medium that will allow the air to flow only in one direction. Air compressor - This is a unit that converts the power from an electric motor or diesel engine or gasoline engine to kinetic energy through the compression process. Buy only genuine compressed air system spares for your car from reliable stores like