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What is a condenser?

The condenser in an air conditioning system condenses a substance from its gaseous state to liquid by way of cooling. By doing this, the heat is given up by the substance and transfers into the coolant. So, condensers can be seen as heat exchangers with various designs and come in an array of sizes from small to large units. However, in a car, they measure just a couple of inches across. Condensers can become rusty and start leaking which reduces the ability for a vehicle’s AC to cool the cabin adequately.

Buying the right one

Buying a condenser can be difficult for someone who does not know much about air conditioning units and the various types of condensers. However, the best way purchase a condenser to get one which is exactly the same in size and capacity. There are different kinds of condensers which range from very cheap ones to those that are more expensive but are of a higher quality. Ideally, you will want to buy the best quality condensers in the business so that you’re guaranteed years of service life.

Replacing Car Control Arms

We sell the largest selection of high-quality condensers from leading brands in the industry. However, the easiest way to get the right condenser is to search via part number. Just enter the part number of the condenser you are looking to replace and buy a replacement. Alternatively, if you don’t have a part number you can match the specifications of condensers on our website to one that you currently own. If you still need help buying a condenser, then get in touch with us for assistance.