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Control Unit, Electric Fan (engine cooling)
Control Unit, Electric Fan (engine cooling)
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What is an Electric Fan Control Unit?

An Electric Fan Control Unit also referred to as EFCU or just control unit is unique to each make and model of vehicle. The unit consists of a microprocessor and microcontroller which has been programmed to turn on, speed up, slow down and turn off the fan based on the engine’s temperature. The unit helps to keep the engine at a healthy temperature throughout the year which reduces overall wear and tear.

How to know there is a problem with the unit?

One of the ways you will know that there is a problem with the unit is that your car will overheat. You will also notice that despite the temperature rising beyond the center point, the fan does not turn on. While there could be a myriad of other reasons which include a bad fan, in some cases, it is a failing control unit. Thankfully, replacing the unit is easy in most vehicles but not always cheap. So, always buy a high-quality unit which is specially designed for your vehicle.

Buying a high-quality part

At, we sell the electric fan control unit for almost all vehicles. Aftermarket units by well-known manufacturers such as METZGER, VEMO, and a few others come backed by warranty. So, you can be sure that you are investing in a reliable and high-quality product when buying from us. However, always make sure to match the part number of your existing unit to the one listed above. If you still need assistance, then do not forget to get in touch with us right away.