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What is a coolant filter?

A coolant filter is a uniquely designed filter which is meant to protect the vehicle’s radiator, water pump and heater from damage owing to the build-up of dust, rust and various other forms of contamination. A coolant filter will typically be mounted on a hose between the engine and the radiator, or between the engine and the heater of the car.The coolant filter needs to be replaced every few thousand kilometres as indicated by your car’s manufacturer. Some filters need to be replaced sooner than others to ensure that your car continues to perform optimally.

When to replace?

The coolant filter is standard equipment on a car, it is very easy to replace, and most can be turned on by hand because it is meant to be replaced as part of the vehicle’s annual maintenance schedule. However, if a replacement is long overdue the filter will become clogged and stop functioning optimally, that will have a direct effect on your car’s cooling system. So if you notice that the engine’s temperature continues to rise despite there being adequate coolant, the fan running at full RPMs and there being no leak then the culprit is a bad filter. Running your car without a filter or a bad filter can end up damaging the radiator and eventually the engine. Fortunately, it’s both cheap and easy to replace.

Buy high-quality cooling systems

We currently sell coolant filters by some of the best brand names in the industry like Mann Filter, so you can always be assured of buying a high-quality replacement part. That said always purchase a filter that matches the part number mentioned in your car’s user manual. Feel free to get in touch with us if you require assistance with finding the right filter.