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What is a coupling rod?

A coupling rod is also referred to as a side rod, which connects to the wheels of a car. The rods are used in steam engines, electric and diesel engine cars. The job of the side rod is to deliver an equal amount of power to all the driving wheels. In a regular car, it is part of the front axle and strut, so it's responsible for keeping the wheel stable when the car is moving. Since these rods are under a tremendous amount of pressure when driving, they often have a comparatively short service life after which they need to be replaced. Any car that’s over five years old may develop a problem with these rods.

How to know there is a problem with the rod?

Many things can start not to work properly if the coupling rod is broken or is worn out. The first thing that’s evident is that the car will be out of alignment which means it won’t run in a straight line. Many drivers will also notice a ticking sound when they are turning a corner. If you notice any of these sounds its best to take the car to a certified mechanic, who will determine if, in fact, the side rod needs to be replaced because often other suspension parts may also require replacing too.

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