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What is a cylinder head?

The cylinder head is the end cover of the engine on which the pistons press upon when the vehicle is operating. The cylinder head consists of many different parts, such as valve stem gasket seals, intake manifold seals, and camshaft components, among many others. The health of these components are crucial to the optimal performance of your vehicle. However, over time these parts tend to wear off and so will require both repair and replacement with original parts meant for your engine.

How know there is a problem?

When there is something wrong with any part of the cylinder head like a leak, lack of pressure, or oil problems your car will not run as it should. The vehicle will feel sluggish, have problems starting and you’ll see oil all over the engine. The first step should be to take your vehicle to a certified mechanic who will take a look to determine which parts are faulty. Once you have a list of parts that the mechanic recommends replacing you can buy them from us.

Buying the best quality

We have made buying high quality cylinder head parts from leading manufacturers such as BGA, BOSCH, and many others very simple. All you need to do is to search for the require part on our website via part number. You can also browse through the list of parts above manually if you have experience with buying parts online. Don’t hesitate to call or email us if you need help finding the right parts.