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What is an engine block gasket?

An engine block gasket is also referred to as a head gasket or just gasket. The gasket acts as a sort of seal between the engine block and the cylinder heads of the engine. The gasket ensures that the engine can achieve the maximum compression to avoid coolant and engine oil from leaking into the cylinders. The gasket is by far the most important part of the engine’s safety mechanism because it ensures that the combustion chamber maintains the right pressure.

How to know there is a problem?

Spotting a blown engine block gasket can be difficult for a regular person. However, some of the symptoms include the inability for the engine to gain speed, oil leaks, and oil mixing with the coolant or water in the radiator. If you notice any of these problems, there is a possibility that the gasket is leaking and requires an immediate replacement. While the gasket itself is cheap, the actual replacement is time consuming and expensive. That said the first step should always be to get the engine inspected by a certified mechanic before deciding on a gasket replacement.

Buying the right gasket

We currently sell the highest quality gaskets from leading manufacturers like BGA, so you can be assured of excellent quality gaskets regardless of if you have a BMW or a Toyota Corolla. However, always buy a gasket by matching the part number of the gasket you currently have to the ones listed on our website. If you’re still unsure, then get in touch with us for assistance.