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What is a brake disc?

A brake disc also known as a disc brake is a braking system that uses callipers to squeeze the brake pads mainly against the rotating wheel disc to stop or slow it down using friction. The most common types of disc brakes use hydraulics. However, some newer vehicles are also using electronic disc brakes which replace the need for hydraulics with electronics. That said the parts associated with an electronic and hydraulic braking system are pretty much the same.

When to Change Car Disc Brakes?

As a rule of thumb, you should change the disc brakes on a regular basis i.e. after ever 5000 kilometres or so. Experts recommend that car owners replace the disc brakes even if there is no visible sign of them being worn off. Also, all four disc brakes should be replaced. However, keep in mind that the brake’s housing shouldn’t be replaced as part of routine maintenance, but it should only be replaced if its damaged and may be hindering the braking system. The brake shoes and the brake oil are perhaps two of the most commonly replaced items. However, ask the mechanic to inspect the whole system closely to find early signs of damage or issues.

Finding the right parts

We sell just about any and all brake disc parts for all vehicles. Also, all the parts we sell are OEM, which is known for having extraordinary quality and reliability. So, you can be assured of buying only the very best parts. If you need help finding the right brake disc parts, then get in touch with via a phone call right away.