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Shaft, Drive Shaft
Shaft, Drive Shaft
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What are drive shaft spares?

The drive shaft of mostly rear wheel drive vehicles sits between the transmission and rear differential, which in turn is mounted on the rear axle, making use of various CV joints and universal joints in an intricate system. Although this sturdy piece of mechanics has a long life, hardly ever needing to be changed as often as something like the brake discs or brake pads, the drive shaft will, from time to time, require maintenance. Also in the event of an accident, the drive shaft will need to be rebuilt using high-quality drive shaft spares for reliability.

How to know something is wrong?

Vibrations from the rear of the vehicle are one of the most common signs of a part that is worn and requiring maintenance. These can be felt in the floorboards of the vehicle when stationary or in steady motion, and will gradually increase over time as the problem worsens. Take note of such symptoms and be sure to act in a timely fashion because the problem only becomes worse with the vehicle more unreliable. Not to mention the fact that the repairs will end up costing more the longer you delay. Also remember to test your glow plugs, to ensure your car starts and performs smoothly.

Buying high-quality drive shaft spares

Even though finding drive shaft spares for some brands of vehicles can be difficult at we sell high quality branded parts for most vehicles. So, whether you own a Renault or Honda, you can be sure that we have the best drive shaft spares that come backed by a solid warranty. If you need help finding, the right drive shaft spares do not hesitate to call or email us right away.