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What is a brake drum?

A brake drum by definition is a braking system that uses friction that’s setup by pads or shoes as they press towards the rotating cylinder shaped brake drum. So, when a mechanic or a technician refers to a brake drum what they mean is a brake that has shoes. When the shoes press on the drum that’s called a clasp brake, but when the drum is between the two shoes like in a disc braking system its called the pinch drum brake, the latter type of brakes are rare in passenger vehicles.

Signs that you need a replacement

When the brake drum fails, you’ll notice that it’s difficult to stop or slow down the vehicle by pressing on the brakes. Upon closer examination of the brakes, you’ll notice brake fluid often leaking through one of them or all of them. If you’re having a problem stopping the car, the best thing to do is to visit a certified mechanic who will take a look at everything. Once the problem has been identified as being a faulty brake drum that can easily be replaced. Brake drum repair or replacement is a comparatively easy and cheap procedure. However, you should always make sure that the existing parts are replaced with high quality or OEM replacement parts.

Buy the right parts

At, we sell some of the highest quality brake drum parts from leading OEM manufacturers. So, you can be assured that the parts you’re buying are the very best out there, and they are priced competitively. If you need assistance finding, the right brake drum parts do not hesitate to get in touch with us.