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What are accumulators and receiver driers?

A vehicle’s AC system either uses an A/C receiver drier or an accumulator. Both of the parts offer a similar function, but there are some fundamental differences between the two components.The primary objective of both components is to suck the moisture and debris out the refrigerant which moves to the AC system to generate cold air. In order to achieve the task of drying off the refrigerant, the devices use a desiccant bag which then stores the moisture and debris. So, both the A/C accumulator and the receiver dryer will also store excess amounts of liquid refrigerant so that it does not destroy the compressor. Plus, both components also regulate the amount of refrigerant that enters the air conditioning system.

How to know that there is something wrong?

One of the tell-tale signs of a problematic accumulator and receiver drier is that you can feel the moisture when the AC is on. You may also notice that the ability of the AC to cool has been reduced. However, arguably these problems can be attributed to some other issues, so it is important always to consult an AC mechanic who will inspect the entire system to determine the problematic component.

Buying the right parts

Buying the right accumulators and receiver driers is easier said than done. Even though we carry an extensive list of components from various manufacturers to buy the right parts you need to search via part number. Alternatively, you can always give us a call for assistance, and we will be glad to help you buy a high-quality component.