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What is an EGR Impulse Valve?

An EGR Impulse Valve circulates or recirculates the exhaust gasses into the internal combustion engine. It is a technique used to mainly prevent NOx or nitrogen oxide as it’s called from polluting the environment. By recirculating the nitrogen back into the engine cylinders, it helps to destroy the gasses further. However, despite the EGR Impulse system being robust it still manages to break down in modern vehicles, and when that happens, the valve is the culprit in some cases and has to be replaced.

How to know that the EGR valve is no longer working?

The EGR Impulse Valve happens to be one of the most important parts of the car’s exhaust system. The most common symptoms of a bad valve are misfiring, detonation, difficulty starting the car, stalling, etc. if a car experiences any of these issues it should be taken to a professional mechanic for an inspection. The valve or EGR system should only be replaced if it's recommended by a professional.

Buying the right valve

We currently sell a selection of OEM EGR Impulse Valves for an array of vehicles. Every valve sold is original and comes backed by a warranty. The warranty varies depending on the brand you choose to buy. However, before the purchase of a valve make sure to search our website via the part number and only purchase a valve which matches the part number of the existing one. At we help you save money on the purchase of impulse valves and other spare parts.