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What are engine mounts?

The engine mounts are what hold the engine to the body or the chassis of the vehicle. In most cars the engine and the transmission are bolted as a whole to the vehicle via a series of three to six mounts. However, the mounts that hold the transmission are referred to as the ‘transmission mount.’ In addition to holding the engine and transmission to the vehicle, the mounts also reduce the vibration that’s felt inside the car. Since rubber is the best material for absorbing vibrations and shock, most if not all engine mounts consist of 90% rubber. Some manufacturers use a vacuum controlled mount that allows the vehicle owner to adjust the dampening. Porsche uses electromagnetic mounts on a few vehicles which reduce overall vibrations that are transferred to the body.

How to know the mounts are bad?

When the mounts of your vehicle are broken or become bad, the first thing you’ll experience is lots of vibration. Every time the engine is running, you’ll feel as though it will pop out of the vehicle. You’ll also feel a slight tug when you press on the accelerator.Engine mounts cannot be maintained or fixed so in any vehicle, so they need to be replaced. But you need to buy the right mounts which that designed for that particular vehicle.

How to buy?

We sell some of the highest quality engine mounts by leading manufacturers such as 3RG, Febi Bil Stein and Vaico amongst many others. To buy the right engine mounts for your vehicle search our website with the part number of the existing mounts. If you still need help do not hesitate to call or email us.