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Buy Engine Preheater System (electric)

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*RRP: recommended retail price

What is an engine preheater?

As the term suggests an engine preheater or a head heater as it is referred to works by heating the engine to a certain temperature which improves the chances of it starting on the first try. The preheater can range from being a simple device which turns on as soon as you turn the switch ‘on’ of your vehicle to one that can keep running to ensure that your engine does not cool down below a certain temperature. The advantage of the device is that you don’t have to cold start your engine multiple times to warm it up, so the preheater can, in fact, extend the life of your engine considerably.

Do you need one?

Unless you live in a place where temperatures can plummet to below-freezing a preheater is pointless. Though many of the latest luxury vehicles sold in the IE, do come equipped with a pre-heater. Fortunately, if your car does not come with this device buying and getting one installed is not expensive. We currently sell a large selection of engine preheaters by brands such as HELLA, and WAECO, which come backed by warranty.

Buying the right one

Unless you’re looking to get a pre-installed engine preheater replaced you can buy just about anyone from the list above. In the case, you’re looking to get one replaced buy one that matches the part number of the existing heater. That said you should always get the preheater installed by a professional to avoid problems and to make sure that it performs optimally. Feel free to call or email us for more information.