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Why is the exhaust system so important?  

The system is designed to release gases generated by the engine. Most modern engines also have a CAT converter which prevents harmful gasses from escaping into the environment. The world emissions standards require that all newly built vehicles are manufactured with a catalytic converter to reduce negative effects on the ozone layer. However, apart from preventing harmful gases from escaping the exhaust system is also responsible for the performance of the vehicle. Exhaust systems are often linked to the muffler which is directly responsible for the speed output. So, any problem with the exhaust can end up causing a cascading effect. 

Common problems with the exhaust system

There are various exhaust system parts that make up the entire exhaust system of a vehicle. Broken or cracked exhaust manifolds will let harmful gases, usually caught by catalytic converters, out into the environment. Harmful gases such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides are released if the exhaust is not working efficiently. In the IE this can mean hefty fines for motorists. So, it pays to ensure that your exhaust system is working efficiently.

Replacing exhaust systems

The first step before replacing any exhaust system parts is to get it examined by a certified technician. The technician should be able to diagnose the problem with the exhaust system and recommend replacement of certain parts like the muffler, or CAT converter. You can then find the parts you need on our website by searching via part number. You can also search through our list manually. Alternatively, if you’re not able to find the required exhaust system parts then feel free to get in touch with us right away either over the phone or by email.