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Brake Disc
Brake Disc
Fitting position:  Rear Axle
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FEBI BILSTEIN brakes – no. 1 when it comes to quality and performance

FEBI BILSTEIN has distinguished itself from the overwhelming number of manufacturers in the automotive industry by striving to offer excellent quality, time after time. This is why it is regarded as a pioneer in the market of auto spare parts. Surprisingly, though, FEBI BILSTEIN is a family-owned company, whose tradition and experience are remarkable. That is to say, it produces Made in Germany spare parts, which testify the manufacturer’s competence and quality management. Essentially, when you think of German manufacturers, you associate them with unmatched quality, durability and, of course, reliability. This is why many people associate the two terms: FEBI Germany. You can find FEBI BILSTEIN brakes for both passenger and commercial vehicles, depending on your needs. But, regardless of your choice, the quality is always a guarantee.

FEBI BILSTEIN brakes – precise car handling

Safety is a matter of utmost importance, especially when it comes to driving. When you brake the car, it must stop right away; every centimetre counts. This is primarily why all FEBI BILSTEIN brakes are characterised by OE matching qualities. And safety remains a priority for brake pads, discs, brake hoses and wheel cylinders. Due to the certified quality management of the firm, safety comes with the territory. Evidently, the manufacturing material of the components is critical for the precise, safe functioning of the braking system. This is why it is made to balance driving comfort, performance, and longevity. At the same time, it’s worth noting that you can get dependable brake discs with ventilated or coated surfaces, depending on your individual needs.

FEBI BILSTEIN brakes – exactly what you need

As we’ve already pointed, FEBI BILSTEIN engineers a wide range of car parts, including brake pads. By scorching, the immediate braking performance is instantly ensured during production. Without scorching, a risk remains: namely, the brake linings are prone to overheat in the case of heavy loads, which could reduce the efficiency of the braking system. In order to ensure that the quality remains consistent at all times, brake pads are always certified. On a final note, FEBI BILSTEIN brakes are made to last, as they are optimised to bring excellent results, regardless of the road. We encourage you to have a look at the FEBI BILSTEIN online catalogue available on – it features everything you need, and more!