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Different types of filters used in car

Filters are one of the highly needed parts of the vehicles. There are engine oil filters, fuel filters, cabin filters and air filters used in cars to ensure efficient working of the engine and to prevent damages to the engine. These parts are made of wire meshes or fiber or using a woven fabric. Dirt and small particles entering the car engines are prevented by the air filters. Oil filters inside the car to prevent the contaminants and particles present in the oil circulated for lubrication of the different parts of the engine.

Functions of primary and secondary oil filters

There are primary oil filters or full-flow filter which allows most of the oil to pass through them. This is highly useful for starting a cold engine. When oil passes through the secondary filters, the smaller particles which are not separated by the primary filters get separated from the oil. It is necessary to select filters with an anti-drain back feature so that the oil will not drain out of the filter when the engine is not working. Without using oil filters, the vehicles will need to change the oil very frequently and oils are very expensive.

Why your car need efficient fuel filters? 

Fuel filters are needed for protecting the fuel injector from foreign particles present in the fuel. Without the proper fuel filter, the vehicle will have poor fuel mileage and lower performance. In extreme cases, the particles in the fuel can result in a complete shutdown of the engine. Protection of the fuel system ensures the prolonged life of the car. Buy them at low prices only from