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What are motorcycle frames?

A motorcycle frame is the metal case which includes the vehicle’s fuel tank, the fuel cover and various other parts. Some motorcycles have larger frames than others. Also, the frames are made from different materials which for the most part consists of aluminum or steel. That said motorcycle frames might need to be replaced after a few years. In the IE the no. 1 reason why motorcycle frames are changed or replaced is rust. The second most common reason is accidents which often means that certain frame parts need to be changed.

How to buy the right frame for your motorcycle?

Buying a motorcycle frame can be easier said than done. The vast majority of people have no idea if a frame part they are interested in buying is right for their vehicle. Also, a big mistake made by buyers in the IE is choosing the cheapest frame they can find. Cheap frames are of low quality and do not last as long as they should. Cheap frames can also be a safety hazard as they are not able to withstand collisions or even minor accidents. The other thing worth considering is the weight of the frame. Ideally, you’ll want a frame that’s durable and weighs less.

The best frames under one roof

We currently sell some of the best motorcycle frames by leading brands such as Van Wezel, Pe Automotive, and Vaico amongst many others. Regardless of what type of motorcycle you own, we have the right frame parts for you. If you’re not sure which frame parts to buy or require assistance, then you can call or email us right away.