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What is a fuel delivery unit?

A fuel delivery unit is responsible for delivering the fuel from the tank to the engine. The unit in modern cars is directly connected to the Electronic Control Unit or ECU as it is called which then controls the function of the unit. However, there are a number of things that can go wrong with the fuel delivery unit which can cause it to malfunction resulting is poor fuel economy and bad engine performance. If not rectified in time it can cause engine problems.

How to know there is a problem?

It can be hard to determine if in fact there is something wrong with the fuel delivery unit without checking the ECU’s error codes. A malfunctioning unit is something that ECU can detect and report via an error code. That said if you’re savvy enough you can connect an OBDII code reader to your car to determine if the delivery unit is at fault. Alternative, you can take the car to a certified mechanic who will then determine what is causing the problem and recommend a fuel delivery unit replacement if it is faulty.

Buying the right one

It is imperative that you purchase a fuel delivery unit that is meant for your vehicle. We currently sell units by brands such as Bosch, Metzger, and various others. So, you can be assured of the unit’s reliability. However, to find the right unit for your vehicle always search our website via part number. If you’re still unable to find the right one feel free to contact us over the phone or via email for assistance.