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Buy Fuel Injection Pump/High Pressure Pump

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Pump, Injection Pump
Pump, Injection Pump
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What is a fuel injection pump?

A fuel injection pump is responsible for pumping fuel, usually, diesel into the cylinders of the engine. In traditional vehicles, the pump is driven via the crankshafts through a series of gears, toothed belts or chains which also powers the camshaft. In a conventional 4 stroke diesel engine it rotates it at half crankshaft speed. The timing is set as such at the fuel is sent a very short while prior to dropping dead center in the engine’s cylinder stroke. In a gasoline engine, the pump belt is also driven via the camshaft. The injection pressure varies though generally, it's around 200 MPa or 30,000 PSI.

Replacing the High-pressure pump

Replacement of the pump can only be done with one with the same specifications. So it's important to match the part number when buying a replacement. The slightest deviation in the pressure of the pump can cause problems, and it is for this reason why we recommend that you only buy a branded fuel injection pump. Once you have the pump, it can only be replaced by a certified professional with experience. However, with the right tools, a DIY person can do it too in some vehicles where it's easy to reach though it's not recommended.

Buy fuel pumps for all vehicles

We sell an assortment of fuel injection pumps for an array of vehicles. The best way to find the right pump is to search our website via its part number. You can also consult a mechanic if the part number is not available. You can buy a high-pressure pump today for any vehicle from and save money.