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What are Gaskets Seals?

Gaskets Seals are meant to keep space between two adjoining surfaces. In an engine, it helps to keep the oil and gasoline apart. The gasket also prevents the oil from mixing in with the coolant from the radiator. However, when the gasket or seal fails it can cause engine damage in any vehicle owing to a change in compression and the fact that the engine will start burning oil. Replacing a gasket is a lot more difficult, and so it’s a job best reserved for a certified mechanic. The other thing worth noting is the fact that gaskets come in various sizes, thicknesses, and types, so you need to always buy the right one.

How to know that a gasket or seal is broken?

Usually, it can be hard to tell if the gasket seals are leaking until the leaks become very bad. However, if you notice lots of black smoke from the tailpipe, the engine has difficulty picking up speed or you notice puddles of oil underneath the car, these are all possible signs of a bad gasket. That said the only way to identify and know for sure if there is a gasket problem is to have a certified mechanic inspect the vehicle. A mechanic uses various diagnostic tools to pinpoint the problem and will then work to replace the gasket.

Buying a gasket for your engine

Buying a gasket is as easy as matching the part number for your car with the one listed on our website. We also sell only branded gaskets which are recommended by car manufacturers. Plus, when you buy gasket seals from they are delivered directly to your doorstep for free.