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The importance of using quality car hand foot lever system

The hand foot lever system of the car is an important spare part of the car. If you are looking to turn the vehicle towards the left or the right, you will need to indicate the same to the followers by pressing the left or the right indicators. These indicators are part of the steering column. They are used to connect the steering wheel of your car to the steering mechanism. The steering column is the space where multi-function switch, gauges, transmission gear selector, etc., are also fitted. It is advised that car owners only buy genuine and certified lever systems for their car. Buying them from online stores like will help them to get quality car parts at the most affordable prices.

Different types of hand foot lever systems for cars

There are many different types of hand foot lever systems on offer for cars. They are designed to offer specific functions and features.Combi-steering column switch is a unit that comes with headlight flasher, indicator function and horn options. They are bent into shape.You can also find a combi-switch option with the light dimmer option as well as headlight flashing options.Mounting type switch indicator without any extension and just a manual switch option. Throttle pedals for manual transmission cars with sensors to offer optimum performance on pressing and releasing of the pedal. Quality pedal parts that suit various types of cars. They are made using high-quality rubber and have the right grooves to offer you strong foot grip whenever you use them. Push control type air horn switch that offers a very good horn option. The windscreen wash/ wiper switch is a very useful unit that allows you to spray the wash liquid on the front glass with just a pull option. The automatic sensors in the unit will set the wiper blades on as soon as water is splashed on the front glass.The windscreen washer liquid and wiper switch for the rear glass is another spare that will spray the washing liquid on the rear glass when you just turn the switch attached to the rod.

Why use a car hand foot lever system?

With a wide range of foot and hand lever systems on offer, you will not find it difficult to find the most suited system for your car.