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What is a car heat shield?

Regular operation of a car can generate an enormous amount of heat; this is evident by the amount of effort that is put into keeping the car cool. A heat shield or a heat protector as it is called helps to shield the rest of the car from the heat generated by the engine. An efficient car heat shield protects the various other mechanical parts of the vehicle from the immense heat produced by the engine and exhaust, without which many of these parts could be damaged and even melt when temperatures pass 100 degrees centigrade in the summer. The driver also obviously requires protection from the heat and the heat shield helps with that too.

When to seek a replacement?

Heat shields found in a vehicle, differ in both size and location depending on the vehicle. Many are focused on the exhaust system and are easy to spot. A car heat shield can be replaced by just removing and replacing it with a similar one. In some models, however, removing a car heat shield requires removing some other parts, which can be difficult and time-consuming. Keep in mind though that since the device is very simple it very rarely, if ever, require replacing, unless the vehicle has been in an accident.

How to find the right replacement?

We currently sell car heat shields by leading brands such as HJS, Dinex, and various others. However, to buy the right one always make sure that the heat shields you’re purchasing have the same part number as the one that’s currently installed. If you need help locating a shield, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.