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How does the car heater function? 

The heater in the car does not run on a compressor like a car’s air conditioner. Hence, it will not cause any dip in the fuel economy. The heat created by the engine is what drives the heater to work. The device draws the heat of the engine and circulates it throughout the vehicle. This is done through a small radiator called the heater coil. The engine generates heat constantly and the heat that the heater draws is let out into the car through the vents.

The purpose of the heater core in the car

The heater core is a tiny radiator that disperses heat. It will help in making the heater unit of the car work. The main purpose of the heater core is to heat the car’s cabin. This unit is placed behind the dashboard. It is on the passenger side of the dashboard and cannot be reached easily. You can get them at attractive prices only through online stores like

The other important heater spares for cars

Interior air filter - This filter’s main job is to filter the air that comes through the HVAC system of the car. It will prevent the dust, pollen, mold and other tiny organisms enter into the cabin of the car. Heater control unit - The control unit makes sure that the car’s engine maintains an efficient temperature. This enables it to perform at its maximum potential. The control unit ensures that the engine does not get overheated. It makes sure that it produces the necessary cabin heat during adverse conditions.