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What is a compressed air connector?

A compressed air connector as the term suggests is a particular type of connector which connects two or more tubes or lines within the system. It is important to specify that all brands of trucks use a slightly different type of connector in terms of shape and size. However, the connectors are almost always made from metal with some low-quality ones made from plastic. That said metal connectors are the best option mainly because they need to be able to withstand lots of air pressure when the system is operational.

What can merit a replacement?

In the majority of cases, the compressed air connector can start to leak. Many times the connector will become rusty and require replacement. However, if not replaced in time, the compressed air system can lose pressure. A bad connector can also make the system dangerous to operate. Fortunately, most connectors are not expensive and can be replaced by a certified mechanic in under an hour.

Buying the right connector

We sell an array of compressed air connectors for all vehicles, by brands such as WABCO. To find the right connector for your system just search for it via its original part number. However, if you’re still unable to find the right connector feel free to call or email us for more information or assistance.