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What are Hoses Pipes Flanges?

Many parts of a modern car use a series of hoses pipes flanges to mainly connect pipes to the cooling system, air-conditioning, etc. There may be half a dozen flanges in any modern vehicle depending on its type and size. However, when the pipes or associated flanges fail, the system can collapse. The cooling system can stop cooling the engine, and the air conditioning can break down. It is for this reason that it's important to always invest in quality and branded flanges and hose pipes. The better their quality, the longer a system will last, and more you will save in the long term.

How to buy the right size and type?

It goes without saying that we sell dozens of various types of hoses pipes flanges. Our assortment of items encompasses an array of vehicle types and sizes. That said sometimes one size and type can be used across dozens of vehicles and at times that’s not the case. A good way to find the right one is to search via part number. Alternatively, you can ask a mechanic to provide you with the specifications that can then be used to make a purchase online. That said always make sure that you’re buying a part that’s branded even if it costs a little more.

Save when buying from us

We have made buying the right spares for any vehicle quick and straightforward. In addition, you can also save money when buying hoses pipes flanges or any other vehicle spare for that matter from