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What is a hydraulic oil filter?

A hydraulic oil filter works to clean the hydraulic oil of the vehicle. However, hydraulic oil is very different from regular engine oil regarding viscosity, and so the filter needs to be able to work with that particular type of oil. It is for this reason that you cannot use a regular oil filter in place of a filter meant for hydraulic oil. That said a filter for the hydraulics needs to be replaced after every given number of kilometres depending on the vehicle that you drive. Refer to your car’s user manual to determine exactly when it should be changed.

When it needs replacing?

It is up to the vehicle owner as to when a car hydraulic filter needs to be completely replaced. But some symptoms indicate it is no longer doing the job correctly, for example, the vehicle may be burning oil or, in other words, the smoke being emitted from the exhaust system is particularly black and foul smelling. If you notice this, it is better to change the car hydraulic filter soon. Not replacing the filter in time can lead to some other problems with the vehicle which are more expensive to fix.

Buying the right filter

We sell hydraulic oil filter by some of the leading brands in the industry like Vaico amongst many others. So, you can always be sure of buying a high-quality filter for your vehicle. Just search our list above via the part number of your existing filter to find the right one. If you still require assistance then do not hesitate to get in touch with us right away.