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Brake Fluid
Brake Fluid
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What is Hydraulic-Fluid?

Hydraulic-Fluid is also commonly referred to as brake fluid in the automotive industry. The reason why it’s also called brake fluid is that it's often used in hydraulic brakes as well as the hydraulic clutch system. So, you can use the same fluid in your brakes and your clutch. However, there may be a few car manufacturers that may advise against this practice for various reasons one of them being the use of special metals or plastic. That said unless otherwise recommended topping off your reserves with the same fluid works for most vehicles. Plus, you don’t have to worry about buying the right type because all automotive brake fluid is the same making a purchase a lot easier.

When should the fluid be topped off?

Generally speaking, the Hydraulic-Fluid does not need to be topped off unless there is a leak in the system. If you see that the fluid level decreases over time, it is a sign of a small leak which you can do without having fixed by topping off the fluid. However, professionals recommend that vehicle owners have their hydraulic system thoroughly examined if the fluid levels decrease abruptly or they have a problem operating the clutch because of low fluid. Since a working hydraulic system is key to vehicle safety, it is something that you shouldn’t skimp on.

Only buy genuine fluid knows just how important buying genuine and high-quality fluid is for vehicle owners. Good quality fluid is non-corrosive which means that your hydraulic system will last longer and perform better. So, vehicle owners will save money in the long term. Plus, we also sell Hydraulic-Fluid from leading brands like TRW. Additionally, all orders are delivered to your doorstep ASAP for free when you choose to shop at