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Buy Hydraulic Oil Expansion Tank

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What is a hydraulic oil expansion tank?

The hydraulic oil expansion tank is also commonly referred to as the hydraulic oil reservoir. The expansion tank holds all the excess oil in a hydraulic power steering system. Most experts advise that people top up the tank every few months if the level is reduced. That said the tank in most cases should remain at its original level unless there is a leak. The other important aspect of the expansion tank that’s worth mentioning is the fact that all brands of cars have a slightly different type of tank regarding design and where it is located. However, if you want reliability always buy a tank manufactured by a well-known aftermarket parts brand.

What can go wrong?

One of the most common problems with the hydraulic oil expansion tank is that it can start leaking. Since most tanks are made from plastic, there is a good chance that excess heat or an external force caused it to crack. If you spot hydraulic oil leaking from the tank, then the only way to fix the problem is to get it replaced. Fortunately, depending on the vehicle you own, a tank is relatively inexpensive, plus they rarely fail.

How to buy the right one?

Buying the right expansion tank is easy. All you need is to take out the existing one to make sure that the size and design matches one listed on our website. However, if you’re still unsure if you’re buying the right one for your car, then get in touch with us over the phone or via email.