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What is an ignition distributor?

The ignition distributor is responsible for various functions out of which the main one is to distribute the high voltage sent down from the coil to the right cylinder. The currently is usually sent via a cap and rotor. The coil is directly connected to the rotor which then spins within the cap. It spins past the contacts that line up to touch the one which links to the right cylinder. So, the ignition distributor parts are responsible for making sure that the right ignition timing is followed each time your engine is started up.

When to know something is wrong?

The ignition distributor parts are known to wear off after a while. The contacts can wear off which makes it difficult for the spinning contact to engage and hence set off a spark. However, to avoid your distributor suddenly not working always replace the cap and rotor as part of your yearly vehicle tune-up. Also, you’ll also want to replace spark plug wires as worn off insulation can cause arching which damages the distributor and related parts.

Buying the right ignition distributor parts

At we are one of the leading sellers of ignition distributor parts from well-known brands such as Beru, Bosch, and Blue Print amongst many others. However, always make sure to buy a distributor replacement part which match the part number on your existing distributor. You’ll also want to contact a professional to replace the parts to avoid personal harm which can be caused by the high voltage flowing through it. If you need help finding the right ignition distributor parts, then feel free to get in touch with us immediately via phone or email.