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Why is an Indicator so important?


One of the most challenging aspects of driving a vehicle during heavy fog or low visibility at night is not being able to see the car behind or in front of you. In the IE, a fair number of accidents are attributed to low visibility caused by fog. That’s why experts recommend that vehicle owners install high quality aftermarket Indicator and fog lights. The indicators make it easier for vehicles behind you to see your vehicle clearly even during dense fog. Plus, the fog lights ensure that you can easily see cars and other obstacles in front. However, not all indicators are good because low-quality ones can fail when you least expect them. Plus, some can even cause problems with the car’s electrical system. The other problem with low quality indicators is the fact that they are hard to connect so you can’t do it yourself. Obviously, professional installation will cost you extra apart from the price of this part.


What is defined as good indicators?


We define good indicators as first ones being bright enough which clearly illuminates your vehicle. Ideally, your car should be visible for at least two to three meters. That distance gives the vehicle behind you enough time to brake. The other point that’s worth making is that good indicators come with a warranty so if something goes wrong your money is not wasted. Thirdly, high-quality indicators come with an instruction manual which makes them easy to install regardless of the vehicle you own. So, its really a good idea to pay a little extra for a high-quality Indicator.


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