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How does the Lambda Control sensor help to boost performance?

The Lambda Control system consists of a sensor which is crucial to the running of the system. The sensor works by measuring the oxygen that remains unprocessed in the exhaust. The sensor then sends the information to the ECU (Engine Control Unit), which uses the information to control the fuel and air mixture. After each combustion cycle, the oxygen is monitored, and the cycle repeats itself. Also, the sensor is able to recognize malfunctions and report that to the driver. By controlling the fuel-air mixture, a car is able to run leaner, and accelerate faster without having to waste fuel. The system is employed in many of the latest eco-friendly vehicles.

How to know that there is something wrong with the sensor?

Many times the instrument cluster will report a problem with the engine and in some cars the sensor. Your car may also start to consume more gasoline or diesel than it once did. If you notice any of these symptoms its best to take the car to a certified mechanic who will check to see if in fact the Lambda Control sensor at fault. Fortunately, the sensor is easy and relatively cheap to replace not to mention that the original sensor boosts vehicle performance.

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